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Random updates on my 1991 Corvette ZR-1 project.
Entry for January 21, 2008

I hate winter! It will be at least another 8 weeks before I can get my car out again. Also it has been cold this winter, cold enough that I don't want to work on my car in the garage.

I have a few new items ready to put on the car when it warms up. I bought a set of 4 Bose amps from eBay so I can replace all of my non-working ones. It will be nice to get the stereo working again. I also purchased a set of black a-molds, just like the Grand Sport wheels, to put on. I have always liked black wheels on a white car and I can't wait to get them on. I bought one of the reproduction windshields from White Racing so hopefully I can get that installed as well.

I have a whole summer full of projects on this car and I can't wait until it gets here. Right now I have to go out and shovel the snow again.

2008-01-21 20:47:05 GMT